As researchers at Newcastle University’s Open Lab, we are enthusiastic about all things that improve people’s health and wellbeing and makes cities look nicer. We think that cycling does this, as long as it’s properly supported and promoted as means to go about in the city. We want to promote the good that cycling can do to people and places, and need your help for that.

CycleStories is a mapping tool that collects your experiences of places in Newcastle. This can be anywhere, for example a specific street, path, or crossing. We’d like to hear what can be improved, but also what’s nice about that place or route, and where cycling there will bring you. In other words:



How it works

It’s nice and easy. First, register to upload your own story or comment on someone else’s. Click the ‘Add Story’ button and bring the + to the location where you want to talk about. Describe what happened here in a sentence or two; then add anything else you saw, felt, disliked or enjoyed there. If you made a picture of the situation, add it as well. Click Submit when you’re done. You don’t need to answer all questions in the Story box, it’s not a cross-examination!


Main contact: Wilbert den Hoed (a.w.den-hoed1@ncl.ac.uk; 07555142430)

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